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IMT-139-Enterprise Response Planning-16

IMT-139-Enterprise Response Planning-16

Part - A

1. What are the typical functions or Departments in an Organization? What type of work is done in each of these functions?

2. Explain the difference between the functional view and the process view of organization?

3. In what ways is business to consumer purchasing different from business to business purchasing.

4. Explain the difference between a backorder and a stock out.

5. Explain the role of the following supply chain management ES and how they “extend” the capabilities of the core processes that they support.



1. Describe two key financial documents.

2. Describe the differences among the three generations of enterprise system-mainframe architecture, client-server architecture, and service oriented architecture.

3. Explain the key steps in a basic procurement process.

4. Explain the key steps in a basic production process.

5. Define the term: Storage location, Mode of shipment.



1. We have identified one specific enterprise system - SAP ERP. Identify other enterprise systems that are available to organizations, and highlight the relative advantage and disadvantages of each one.

2. Identify some of the key problems associated with the manual, or paper based, procurement process. How does an enterprise system eliminate or reduce the impact of these problems?

3. Identify and explain the key steps that integrate the procurement, fulfillment, and procurement processes.

4. What are the role of Organizational Data, master data, and transaction data in an ES?

5. Explain the features of ERP.



Business network transformation (BNT) is an emerging concept where by organizations depends on a network of partner organizations to transform their practices. Research this concept, and provide some examples of BNT achieved by organizations. Explain how the work of these organizations has changed and how these changes have benefited the organization.



SSB has a need to produce 100 standard skateboards to replenish inventory. Create all the documents necessary to document the process used to produce these materials. You can search the internet for examples of the document you want to include or you can create them using a word processor.

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