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IMT-05: Advertising & Sales Promotion-MT2

IMT-05: Advertising & Sales Promotion-MT2





Q1. Explain the concept of Brand attitude


Q2. What is the concept of brand personality- can you give two examples of distinct brand personalities


Q3. What is brand equity- how is it measured?


Q4. What is brand power? Explain the concept.


Q5. How is brand loyalty built up by a marketing firm?




Q1. Highlight the difference – i.e. advantages and disadvantages- between newspapers and magazines as communication media


Q2. What are the key limitations of television advertising- name at least three


Q3. For what products and services is radio advertising suitable?


Q4. Suppose you are the marketing manager for a company manufacturing auto components- what media mix will you choose?


Q5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor advertising like billboards?




Q1. What is the difference between advertising and sales promotion?


Q2. Name at least five types of sales promotion activities


Q3. Distinguish between PUSH and PULL marketing


Q4. Promotion is more important in decline stage than in growth stage-why? Explain


Q5. What are the disadvantages of promotion? Name at least 3 disadvantages





Amul is one of the pioneers in using political satire in its outdoor advertisements- so much so that people often look forward to see the next billboard and chuckle when they see the topicality of the newest light hearted satire which they put up.


The satire is always very lighthearted and rarely they had a PIL or angry responses


By cornering this unique method- of humour in outdoor advertisement for so long- they have been able to eke out a unique communication positioning which others find daunting to replicate-and hence this model has endured through decades

The result of this unique positioning is that Amul also does not invest heavily in other forms of communication. For instance you would have seen many TV advertisements for Cadbury chocolates or different brands of ice-cream- but Amul TV advertisement spots are rare.


They also coined a very successful byline called Amul-the taste of India’ which was extensively promoted in its outdoor advertisement campaigns and also product packs


Amul tried other media options for promoting its pizza but the product and the campaign bombed in a big way


Now assuming you are the new marketing manager for Amul and there is a plan to introduce a line of frozen ready-to-cook party snacks.


1. What will be your advertisement and communication strategy

2. Why do you think the campaign for ready to eat Amul pizza failed to bring in buyers –and what remedial actions you will take so as to avoid a repetition of the fiasco.





Close – Up


Close-Up ranked No.5 in A & M's Top Brand Survey of 1997, three ranks below its arch-rival Colgate by 1999, Close-Up was No.15. Since it5s introduction in the Indian market in 1975, Close-Up has been the closest challenger to Colgate, which is the top brand in this category. According to Hindustan Lever Ltd., the marketers of Close-Up, the typical consumer had no qualms about not keeping germs at bay during the night but rather cared more about fresh breath in the morning.


The advertising agency, Lintas, has played on bad breath scare and targeted a typical college student who would be motivated by what brushing did to his social acceptance. It was hoped that once Close- Up entered homes, older consumers would also start using it and discard Colgate. To counter Colgate's famed Suraksha Chakra, Close-Up released ads asking consumers so do the "hah hah" test to check the freshness of breath. The focus was on communicating the key benefit "fighting bad breath".


The intimacy between couples, portrayed in Close-Up commercials, was seen as disturbing the Indian mother's sensibilities and hence the ads focused on the gregarious couple, as this group-oriented closeness was seen to be more acceptable to mothers, who are the actual buyers of household toiletries.


Both Colgate and HLL introduced line extensions of their brand, improved packaging and did aggressive promotions. Close-Up has been strong in the South. It has been quite weak in the East. In West Bengal, HLL roped in popular singer Anjan Dutt to reach out to the old and young alike.



1. Analyze the case and determine which promotion strategy, 'pull' or 'push' would be



2. Suggest two 'pull' promotions for Close-Up to load the trade. Why do you think these promotions would be successful?


3. Develop a sales promotion design for Close-Up.

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