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IMT-119: Store Operation Management-MT1

IMT-119: Store Operation Management-MT1















Q1. Discuss the importance of Stores Operations Management in a Globalised Supply Chain.

Q2. What are the main functions of Stores management?

Q3. Explain the alternative organization structures in a store.

Q4. What is the process to be followed for replenishing various categories of items?

Q5. What is the information to be included in a form for Material Requisition for purchase? Who all should be kept informed about the Request for replenishment?


Q6. Explain the process between receipt and final stocking of material in a store.

Q7. What is documentation to be generated while receiving material in a store? Give their recommended formats.

Q8. What are the considerations to be kept in mind while issuing materials?

Q9. Why do we need to take stock taking? Why do Excess/Short inventories occur in stores? How do we handle the same discrepancies?

Q10. What is AS/AR system? How does it improve store operations?



Q11. What are the material handling practices in a well managed store operations? How do we ensure safety in store operations?

Q12. Explain an outline of a store operation information system.What is the different processes that can be computerized?

Q13. What are the reports to be generated for ensuring effective control of Store operations? How do we assess the performance of Store operations?

Q14. What are the different methods of valuation of store inventories?

Q15. Discuss various factors to be considered for an effective Store Layout.


Visit your nearest retail chain store (e.g Reliance fresh or any other) and bring out the salient aspects of store operations management including layout, materials handling, storage of different categories of items, issues etc.


You have been appointed as a consultant by a hospital to redesign their store management process? They are facing the following problems at present:

a. Delay in issue of critical medicines when required

b. Spoilage of consumables due to poor handling

c. Obloscence of medicines due to expiry

Work out a revised process with proper control system so that such problems don't ocuur.

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