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Strategic Management-1-2015 Strategic Management-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Strategic Financial Management-1-2015 Strategic Financial Management-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Organisational Behaviour-1-2015 Organisational Behaviour-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Marketing Management-1-2015 Marketing Management-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Management Theory and Practice-1-2015 Management Theory and Practice-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
International Finance-1-2015 International Finance-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Information Systems for Managers-1-2015 Information Systems for Managers-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Financial Institutions and Markets-1-2015 Financial Institutions and Markets-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Financial Analysis and Management-1-2015 Financial Analysis and Management-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Financial Accounting and Analysis-1-2015 Financial Accounting and Analysis-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Essentials of HRM-1-2015 Essentials of HRM-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Corporate Social Responsibility-1-2015 Corporate Social Responsibility-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Corporate Finance-1-2015 Corporate Finance-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Capital Market and Portfolio Management-1-2015 Capital Market and Portfolio Management-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Business Statistics-1-2015 Business Statistics-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Business Law-1-2015 Business Law-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Business Economics-1-2015 Business Economics-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now
Business Communication and Etiquette-1-2015 Business Communication and Etiquette-1-2015 Rs.500.00 Buy Now

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1 x Commercial Banking System & Role of RBI-2-NMIMS Solved Assignmen
1 x Performance Management System-2-NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Strategic Management - 2- NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Marketing Management - 2- NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Business Economics-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Organisational Theory Structure and Design-2-NMIMS Solved Assign
1 x Capital Market and Portfolio Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignmen
1 x Customs Shipping and Insurance-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x International Marketing-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Financial Analysis and Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Business Communication and Etiquette-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Marketing of Financial Services-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Corporate Finance-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Services Marketing-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Indias Foreign Trade-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Operations Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Consumer Behaviour-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Logistics Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Export Import Procedures and Documentation-2-NMIMS Solved Assign
1 x Strategic Cost Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Project Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Marketing Strategy-2-NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Financial Accounting and Analysis - 2- NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Organisation Culture-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x International Business-2-NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Cost and Management Accounting-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Supply Chain Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Organisational Behaviour-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Management Theory and Practice-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Corporate Social Responsibility-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Business Statistics -2- NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Essentials of HRM -2- NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Total Quality Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Sales Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Business Law -2- NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Taxation - Direct and Indirect - 2 - NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Enterprise Resource Planning-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Introduction to Retail-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Manpower Planning Recrutiment and Selection-2-NMIMS Solved Assig
1 x Customer Relationship Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignments
1 x Retail Banking-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Brand Management-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Information Systems for Managers-2-NMIMS Solved Assignment
1 x Business Communication and Etiquette-1-2015
1 x Management Theory and Practice-1-2015
1 x Marketing Management-1-2015
1 x Business Economics-1-2015
1 x Corporate Finance-1-2015
1 x Capital Market and Portfolio Management-1-2015
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